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The National Hydraulic Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee visited Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co.,Ltd

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October 12th, the director of the National Hydraulic Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee, Li Yongshun, the secretary-general of the flow control branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society, Zhao Manlin, along with the secretary-general of Ningbo Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, Li Haiyuan, the deputy secretary of the National Gas Detection Center, Xu Wei, visited Zhongyi and the president Cai Guoding accompanied.
The director Li Yongshun visited the production workshop and put a premium on the management and product quality, and discussed the development of the industry and business situation with president Cai. The director Li Yongshun said Ningbo is China's important foreign trade port, Ningbo hydraulic pneumatic seals have become more complete, large-scale, the domestic leading industries. The National Hydraulic Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee will set up a service branch in Fenghua, to provide technical services for hydraulic pneumatic enterprises, strengthen academic exchanges. Meanwhile the secretary-general Zhao Manlin invited Zhongyi to participate in the seminar of flow control branch. Zhongyi president Cai Guoding introduced the company development and business situation and discussed some issues of the technology research, new product development, management mode and talent introduction. The president Cai hopes to strengthen technical exchanges and promote the development of enterprises through the association.